Customer case

Be inspired by some of our customers’ stories

We are consultants within the field of mobile telephone networks, and thus we had a lot of requirements for our store’s cash register solution. We wanted a cash register system that one could develop. I also wanted to be able to check on sales, even when I was not in the store. I found that I could do all this with Onslip.

Futureon AB

According to Niklas and Friends, the best thing about Onslip is that it works well in all situations, and it is simple to understand how the system works. Also, Onslip has good support that responds quickly. We chose to use Onslip because they are below the usual market price for cash register solutions.

Niklas and Friends
Hammarby Sjöstad

At Bröderna’s Café, we chose to use Onslip because it was affordable, has great functionality, and the service is excellent. Their customer service is superb and they are always able to help us. We are really pleased that we decided to use Onslip’s cash register system.

Bröderna’s Café

At Bernhard Kök å Deli, we chose to use Onslip’s cash register system as they were situated in the right price bracket, and had really good functions. The best thing about Onslip is that I can check out statistics and sales in real time on my mobile phone, even if I’m not on-site.

Bernhard Kök å Deli

Linda, the owner of Hårtorget in Kisa, received a recommendation from the Kinda-Ydre Sparbank to use Onslip’s Cash Register System. The system has simple functions, and it’s quick and easy to programme the functions that one wants by oneself, says Linda.


We chose to use Onslip because the cash register solution looks modern - especially because it’s an iPad. It suited us and we liked the concept. We also received great help in terms of agreement, guiding, installation, etc. It just felt like a good choice.


The bank showed us various alternatives, and Onslip simply just felt like the best. They were cheap, had great support, and provided us with clear answers to all our questions. The fact that the cash register is so nice to look at is also a big advantage for us, as we work within interior decorating and design.

Smaralda AB
Sölvesborg and Karlskrona

At Klipp & Nagelateljé, we needed to choose a cash register system, and we just fell in love with Onslip’s simplicity and design. The best thing about Onslip is the overview that we immediately received. It was easy to understand the system from the get-go.

Klipp & Nagelateljé

It is incredibly affordable and works well in all situations. What is so nice about Onslip is that one can add whatever one wants to the cash register - such as prices, tables, etc. - without help from a programmer.

Café Täppan