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Mobile cash register


Get started right away 299 kr/month  399 kr/month

Download the app and take advantage of Onslip’s completely mobile cash register solution. Getting started takes just a few minutes. Register your company and phone our support to get boarded as a premium user.  You’re now ready to start selling directly from your smart phone.

100% bindning-free, mobile and tailor-made

299 kr/month. The offer is available until August. Try it out today!





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Onslip 360 Bas is a limited version of Onslip 360 Premium. Onslip 360 Bas lacks management unit and is not an approved cash register according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules. The cashier is limited in functionality as well as up to 1 user, max SEK 100,000 in sales for a continuous period of 365 days, max 100 sales transactions in a calendar month and max 1000 items. To obtain an approved cash register according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules, order Onslip 360 Premium here.


Tailor-made solution

Onslip’s cash register system can easily be tailor-made and expanded for each individual company’s needs. That is why our cash register system is as equally suitable for the newly started hairdresser as for the established fine-dining restaurant on the corner.

Follow sales and reports in real time

If you are curious about the day’s sales, it is easy to get reports and follow the sales in real time.

The perfect complement to your cash register solution

The mobile cash register makes it possible for you to move your cash register solution to the location of your customers.

The most satisfied customers

Onslip’s customer service manages thousands of customers from all over the country, with an average customer satisfaction of more than 97%. (Average results from weekly customer satisfaction surveys conducted since 1 August, 2013.)