Onslip’s cash register solution is a perfect system for both newly started, as well as established, cafés.

Onslip offers the right functions, at the right price, with the best service and support on the market.


Reduce the risk of errors

100 card purchases per day without a cash register connected to a card terminal corresponds to 10 000 unnecessary key presses per month. With a cash register and a cash register connected to a card terminal from Onslip, you will not have to manually enter the amount into the card terminal.

Chip without pin – even faster purchases

Moreover, our card terminals are prepared for chip without pin, which speeds up the process even more, as the customer does not need to enter the code.


Easy book-keeping

Avoid unnecessary administration by connecting Onslip’s checkout system to Fortnox Bookkeeping. If you are using another bookkeeping programme, you can easily export the bookkeeping data using an SIE file.

Create promotions

Why not offer a 10 % discount on a sandwich + coffee between 11-12:00 in order to attract new customers? The cash register itself will keep a track of which promotions apply, and for when.


Grow with Onslip!

Our goal is to make your choice of cash register and payment solution easy and secure. We achieve this by offering the market’s broadest holistic solution with functionality that suits all businesses.

The cash register system of the future
Advising based on your own needs
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