Are you about to start your own company?
Then Onslip is the right cash register solution for you.

Onslip’s cash register solution is as perfect for both single employee companies, as well as the established tavern on the corner. We offer the market’s broadest holistic solution, where you have the opportunity to adapt the functionality according to the design of your own company.


The right functions at the right price

We do not believe in paying for functions that one does not use. That is why we adapt our systems for your business, in order to keep your costs down.

You can either use your own hardware or purchase ours

Traditional cash registers are big machines that are only able to calculate money. Onslip 360 renders those types of machines obsolete. Instead, the cash register becomes an app and a cloud service that you can either download or purchase together with our cash register hardware.


Affordable and modern

As opposed to all other cash register suppliers in Sweden, Onslip owns the entire chain from product development to sales and support. Because there are fewer players who need to divide your money between them, we can keep our prices down and still offer functionality that matches even the most expensive cash registers on the market.

Updated cash register solution

Just like other apps, we regularly update the Onslip 360 app. We launch new smart and simple functions with every update. If you send us your suggestions, perhaps they will be included in the next update.


Grow with Onslip!

Our goal is to make your choice of cash register and payment solution easy and secure. We achieve this by offering the market’s broadest holistic solution with functionality that suits all businesses.

The cash register system of the future
Advising based on your own needs
Our support is available 6 days a week