The lunch queue would flood out onto the street. The kitchen receipt printer is going red hot. Don’t worry - Onslip is there for you.

Onslip’s cash register solution is perfect regardless of whether you have just opened up your first restaurant, or whether you are about to launch your third tavern.


Save time by using an ordering unit

Receive orders directly at the tablet and print the order in the kitchen or at the bar. On average, you will save an hour per day as the staff no longer have to walk to the cash register and back.

Faster purchases – chip without pin

Our card terminals are prepared for chip without pin, which speeds up the process as the customer does not need to enter the code.


Create promotions

Why not offer a 10 % discount on lunch orders between 11-12:00 in order to attract new customers? The cash register itself will keep a track of which promotions apply, and for when.

Table map

Fetch and show available/occupied tables. Connect a bill to a table, or add items to a bill. You can even add several bills to the same table, or move a bill to another table. You can have several table maps, e.g. one for inside the restaurant and another for the tables outside.


Kitchen receipt printer

You no longer need to write down the orders by hand. With a kitchen receipt printer function at the cash register, the cash register prints out a copy of the order directly in the kitchen or the bar.

Cash register connected to a card terminal

Onslip’s card terminals are among the absolute fastest on the market. Did you know that 100 lunch purchases without a cash register connected to a card terminal corresponds to 10 000 unnecessary key presses?


Grow with Onslip!

Our goal is to make your choice of cash register and payment solution easy and secure. We achieve this by offering the market’s broadest holistic solution with functionality that suits all businesses.

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