Cut, answer the phone, and ring up shampoo at the cash register- all at the same time. How fortunate that you chose Onslip.

Onslip is the obvious choice if you run a salon and you need a reliable and modern cash register solution.


Bar code scanner

With a bar code scanner you can avoid using the item buttons during the sale. Instead, you just scan the items, which is perfect if you have a broad range of products!

Gift card

The perfect gift. Offer your customers the chance to purchase gift cards. Salons really appreciate this function.


Fewer receipts and faster purchases

You can choose to deselect the receipt copy from the card terminal. Then all the information will be compiled on the cash register receipt. This means fewer receipts and even faster purchases.

Create a customer register

Register your customers’ contact details and reward loyal customers with discounts, etc. Why not send out an SMS with special offers?


Grow with Onslip!

Our goal is to make your choice of cash register and payment solution easy and secure. We achieve this by offering the market’s broadest holistic solution with functionality that suits all businesses.

The cash register system of the future
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