It is like a conveyor belt of gift cards being printed, and your products are almost sold out. It is a good thing that you can rely on Onslip.

Starting your own business is both challenging and exciting. With Onslip’s cash register, you are receiving a modern system that will suit your business today and in the future.


Create promotions

With Onslip, it is easy to create your own discounts and promotions to maximise sales. The cash register itself will keep a track of which promotions apply, which products they apply to, and for when.

Bar code scanner

With a bar code scanner you can avoid using the item buttons during the sale. Instead, you just scan the items, which is perfect if you have a broad range of products!


Stock balance

Onslip’s system contains an additional function called Stock Balance that helps you to plan your purchases. Stock balance shows you all of your items, and alerts you when it is time to restock.

Automatic end of day

Avoid unnecessary administration by connecting Onslip’s cash register system to Fortnox Bookkeeping. Your end of day is automatically sent to Fortnox, and you can focus on other things – like your customers for example.


Grow with Onslip!

Our goal is to make your choice of cash register and payment solution easy and secure. We achieve this by offering the market’s broadest holistic solution with functionality that suits all businesses.

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